• Zephyr for JIRA v1.6 Released: Comprehensive and Detailed Test Execution Ignites Efficient Testing Inside JIRA

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    Kludge (klooj, n.): a clumsy, inelegant, improvised solution to an engineering problem, aka Excel or TestLink.

    JIRA (jee-rah, n.): Track anything – issues, bugs, tasks, deadlines, code, hours – to stay on top of every team’s activity.

    Zephyr for JIRA (zef-er for jee-rah, n.): An add-on application that augments JIRA 5, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities inside JIRA 5.

    The latest release of Zephyr for JIRA offers a host of new features for greatly improving test execution inside JIRA. Reacting to customer feedback, this top grossing Overall and Testing & QA add-on listed on the Atlassian Marketplace, helps project teams extend their JIRA 5 instance to include testing in their workflow. The release of Zephyr for JIRA v1.6 supports JIRA 5.2 and focuses on making executing tests a breeze with these new features.

    Sign up for the Zephyr for JIRA v1.6 live webinar on Wednesday, November 28 at 8:00am PDT to see these hot new features in action.

    • Step-level Test Execution

    Users can now execute individual test steps and change their test status. Detailed comments can be added as well as attachments at each step. Defects can also be filed at this level. All of this is in addition to the comments, attachments and defects that can already be filed at the (higher) test level. This level of granularity allows for detailed capture of what transpired during the execution of a test and provides testers and developers deeper insight.

    • Quick Execute

    A great new feature for those power test executors. Our new Quick Execute feature allows users to now change the status of a test directly in the Test Cycle list or from where they are viewing an issue. Now it is easier than ever to blast through a whole bunch of tests without having to individually open each one of them just to change their execution status, plus you save on a large number of clicks.

    • Now, where was I?

    Dubbed the “Now, where was I?” feature, this small but significant addition of a visual marker in a Test Cycle list view shows a user the last test they completed executing. So when they go off to get their 5th double-tall whole-milk latte of the day and come back to continue their test execution, they can pick off from exactly where they left off.

    • Test Cycles, exported

    By popular demand, we’ve now introduced the capability to export your Test Cycle details to a CSV file with just a couple of clicks. All the next level details of a Test Cycle are available to be used for any type of report.  And this works with Ad hoc test cycles too.

    • Free Test Importer utility

    Project teams that have standardized on JIRA and who are struggling to make Excel work for test management or running into scaling issues with TestLink have found Zephyr for JIRA to be an ideal solution for their testing needs. We are also announcing the availability of a free importer utility with which migrating test data from Excel can be done in a few clicks.

    Check out this video to see how easy it is to upload testcases from Excel.

    How to get it:

    Sign up for a 30-day trial or buy it from here. If you already have a previous version, go to your UPM (Plugins Manager in JIRA 5) and look for the upgrade notification. It’s a one-click upgrade process.

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